What’s in Your Food and How it Can Heal You w/ Emiley Kight

diet food What’s in Your Food and How it Can Heal You with Emiley Kight

There are few people you meet that are as interesting and intelligent as Food Culinoligist Emiley Kight. Emiley created a plant based product after researching how much is added to our every day foods. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she found that there wasn’t enough information out there and wanted to bring a product to the market that uses 5 or less fresh ingredients, while still having the flavors we love.
In the process of creating her delicious bars, she started to put on Cacao ceremonies. Starting with breath work and movement and moving on to sound healing, these ceremonies are great for stress relief, opening of the heart, and more. Cacao ceremonies have helped her battle her own stress, depression, and anxiety. Find out more about her bars and her sound healing ceremonies!
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