Before And After ED"I thought that to get in shape I had to be in the gym all the time, but boy was I wrong. Prior to joining my personal trainer, I was used to large health clubs, such as the YMCA, and fitness centers with huge layouts and variety, so I was very skeptical of small environment. Gabi changed my mind TOTALLY! 30 minutes of training the right way has rapidly changed my strength and especially my body weight. I am now just few pounds from my goal weight and still going strong. Gabi is great. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of PROPER fitness and nutrition. I definitely recommend her to all my loved ones! Thank you thank you so much!!!" -Ed Shalabi

Before And After Cyanne2"A daily deal from the Phoenix New Times and an innocent, but mistaken inquiry about my "baby's due date" motivated me to start training with Gabi a little over a year ago. I immediately fell in love with the positive and friendly atmosphere her genuine and caring personality created. My confidence in her grew easily and I placed my trust in her ability to train me for my first bikini fitness competition. The best decision I have made to date! Not only did I get in the best shape of my life, but I also placed 1st in my division! Through her strategic workouts, patience, and consistent encouragement, I am able to maintain the drive to pursue my dream to be a professional fitness model. I am forever grateful to you my friend! Cheers to many more aspirations met!! I am your client for life!" -Cyanne Vasquez

Before And After GasonGason Sturdivant started his weight loss journey in January 2015. He was on a mission lose weight and to gain mental and physical strength. Since his journey began he has lost 26 pounds and 10 % body fat. We have set new goals and continue to reach them each week. Making exercise a regular part of is routine, he has dedicated himself to living a healthier lifestyle. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more gains in the future.

Before And After JoeI was really intimidated by the idea of working with a trainer, but Gabi put all my fears to rest. She does a great job of working with beginners and people with more fitness experience. She definitely makes you work, but keeps it fun and interesting as well. After 6 weeks working with Gabi, I can definitely feel a difference! I'm stronger and in better shape than I've been in years! -Joe Strickland

Before And After CassieCassie Strickland came in for my 2016 New Year, New You challenge after having a baby in October of 2015. During our 7 week challenge she lost 26 pounds and 9.1% of her body weight!! She and her husband are a dream team, supporting each other in changing their lives! They continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and set goals for their future.
Before And After Alex "I've been working out with Gabi consistently for 6 months now and have seen great results. I workout with her 4 days a week and am down almost 30 pounds. She made working out a lot less intimidating and has helped me with my diet as well. I'm looking forward to continuing to work towards my weight loss goal with her, and overall better myself in the process!" -Alex Carbajal
Before And After Aub I've been going to Gabi for almost 3 years and she helps to keep me focused on my personal fitness goals and motivates me to stay positive on my journey. I've lost weight, almost 40 pounds, and have kept it off with her help and weekly workouts! Take it from me, it's not going to happen over night, but it won't ever happen if you don't start!