The Dish: A Real Life Guide to Eating with Autoimmune
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The Dish is a compilation of over 100 recipes specifically designed for those who suffer from autoimmune disease. The recipes will reduce inflammation, help the body heal, and make eating enjoyable again. By walking through this step-by- step guide to eating with autoimmune disease, you’ll find that changing up your diet will be easier than you thought.

Meet the Authors

Marian Mitchell – Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Food allergy and Autoimmune Recovery Expert – and Gabrielle “Gabi” Mazar – Fascia Stretch-Certified Personal Trainer, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Wellness want to make your life easier. Living with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis has given Gabi first-hand experience in learning to adjust and live with an autoimmune disease. Her quest to cope with her condition and make her life easy again led to collaboration with Marian in the creation of this book. When Marian’s young daughter was found to have Celiac Disease, the entire family decided to adjust so that she would always be safe at home. Learning to have a 100% gluten-free home while living life outside of the house was quite the challenge in the beginning. Marian and Gabi came together with a passion for making it easy to live with an autoimmune disease.

Gabi and Marian cook and eat every one of these simple and delicious meals at their own kitchen table. They are extremely proud to share their stories and encourage you in your journey to an energized, healthy life. Their message is a message of hope to those living with autoimmune disease and are sick of restrictive, unattainable “diets.” This is not a strict, formulaic “diet” that no one can stick to or fails before they even begin. You are set up for success from day one without the intimidation of a ton of restrictions and rules. Living healthy and happy with autoimmune disease is possible!

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