New Year’s Action Plan

ne year's action plan personal trainer tempe gabrielle mazar autoimmuneNew Year’s Action Plan

How many new year’s resolutions have you set? How many have you failed? This year why not try something different! Let’s try and set goals that are attainable and meet them one at a time. Have a clear action plan to achieve each goal.

Stop renewing that gym membership you never use, or use for a the month of January and then never go back.

The reason we fail is because we set these long-term expectations and when we don’t meet them we give up! I do it… trust me. If instead we set goals for the short-term and have an action plan to reach them, we have a greater success rate and are more likely to adhere to our goals!

Set a Plan

holiday weight gain ne year's action plan personal trainer tempe gabrielle mazar autoimmuneStart by assessing your goals. What are they?

Now, what is the step by step process on how to reach them?

If your goal is to lose weight, develop a plan on how to do so. Weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So, let’s start by cutting calories. It can be as small as cutting out that nighttime chocolate, not getting that calorie and sugar packed Starbucks every morning, or cutting down each portion a little. Every little bit counts! You don’t have to completely deprive yourself, but understand that weight loss takes time. Set your goal for the short-term, even a week or a month… plan to lose 1 pound each week! If you lose more great!!! If not, don’t get discouraged.

Add to your plan by setting a goal to make time to exercise. If you are sedentary, make a plan to do 20-30 minutes of activity 3 days a week. That can be a walk, a class, or a workout with your trainer (who will always make you work harder btw). If you are already active, then make a plan to ADD 20-30 minutes to your workout plan!

If you need extra motivation or guidance you can contact me here!

Set Your Intentions

An action plan can be used for any goal you would like to reach. I obviously am using weight loss as an example because, duh, I am a trainer! Set a plan to quit smoking, quit soda, eat out less, work out more, or whatever your goal may be. Set your intentions for 2017! Make small and attainable goals and reach them one at a time! Don’t give up at the first sign of adversity, we all make mistakes.

Take your goals day by day, one step at a time. You can do it. Happy New Year!

new year's action plan personla trainer tempe gabrielle mazar autoimmune