How to Manage Your Mental Health, Diet, & Exercise w/ Michele Grignon

personal training fitness tempe podcastHow to Manage Mental Health, Diet, & Exercise with Michele Grignon

Michele C. Grignon is a licensed professional counselor, healthcare consultant, and single mother to a teenage daughter who works diligently to maintain wellness and fitness. Michele had consistently incorporated exercise into her busy lifestyle, but struggled to maintain a healthy weight while juggling corporate management jobs and parenting. Six years ago, Michele made the decision to tackle her weight loss for good. She joined Weight Watchers and lost over 30 pounds. The weight loss journey taught Michele about the critical link between her mental health and physical health, and the approach needed to maintain both without starving or punishing herself over food. Today, Michele maintains her weight loss while still enjoying a happy life filled with travel, good food, fitness, and overall peace of mind and happiness.

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