Healthy Holidays

healthy holidays

Healthy Holidays!

How is it possible to have healthy holidays? With all the parties, pot lucks, days off…. it is almost impossible to stay healthy! Almost.

It is okay to indulge a little, but most of our problem isn’t necessarily what we eat, it is HOW MUCH! Are you one of those people that fills a plate to the brim and then feels guilty so you have to eat every bit? I am. I hate to waste food. One thing I have been practicing for a very long time is self-control. I love to eat.. I just do, so good food is hard to resist. But, one of the things I preach the most is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

Do you know how much a serving is? Check out this quick guide and see if it is what you think.

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Watch Your Portions

Portion control is so important. I am one of those people that measures all of my food, so I know how much a portion of cheese is, but when I don’t measure it I always take more. It is easy to disregard portions, but in order to have healthy holidays and not fall into the holiday weight gain trap you must be mindful while eating!

This guide is great because it gives you an idea of what a portion of something looks like in comparison. Sure we can say a cup, half cup, tablespoon… but lets be honest, does that really mean anything to you?

I am not saying you have to be 100%. Honestly, I am not! I indulge and I don’t always watch what I eat. BUT… I do watch what I eat most of the time and stay active. We are real people, we live real lives, we have jobs and families. Limiting your portions is seriously the easiest way to diet without starving yourself or restricting your diet so much that you go crazy and eat everything in sight. Yes… I have also done that.

Stay Active

Just because you are busy during the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time to be active. Go walk at the park with your kids (the weather here is AZ is perfect so I don’t want any excuses!). Take a class here or there, I like spin or yoga personally. Lift some weights. Whatever you like to do, make time for it, because there is no better time to start than now.

healthy holidays fitness workout personal trainer tempe autoimmuneI always try to get in extra workouts over the holidays because I know I will be eating (and drinking) more than I normally do!

A quick HIIT workout is great to get in a workout and not consume too much of your time. Try 10 minutes of intervals, it will certainly get your heart rate up.

I do mostly 30 minute training sessions with my clients, I like to pack as much bang for your buck in! 30 minute workouts, combined with a good diet are the best way to not gain weight over the busy holidays but to lose weight too. Like I said, everything in moderation. It is key!

Don’t let this holiday season get the best of you. Slim down your portions, especially at the buffet. Instead of going for seconds, go for a walk. You don’t have to fall victim to the end of the year trap! You can do it. I believe in you!!!

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