Finding the Right Fit w/ Brooke McDermott

Finding the Right Fit with Brooke McDermott of TriCore Fitness

Fitness is such a personal thing. You have to find the right fit fore you. Obviously being a small business owner myself at Pilates Tempe, I understand the importance of helping to build up your fellow small businesses. When Brooke McDermott walked into TriCore Fitness, she knew it was the right fit. She wasn’t looking for a new job, but everything seemed to just work out. When you walk into a gym, studio, fitness center, it should feel like home.
Brooke certainly didn’t start her career in the fitness industry, but like most of us, fell into it.She is a certified trainer and Pilates teacher with a passion for what she does.  Of course all trainers are passionate about their job, but it takes a special personal to really relate to their clients.
TriCore has a similar philosophy to mine in that they incorporate different types of fitness. There is not one perfect workout. It is nice to mix it up. If you are in the central Phoenix area, check out this place and my amazing friend Brooke!

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