Suicide Prevention and the LaloBoy Foundation w/Paolla Jordan

Posted by on December 4, 2019

Suicide Prevention and the LaloBoy Foundation with Paolla Jordan In this emotional episode, Paolla Jordan shares her story of losing her son to suicide. She has since created the LaloBoy Foundation in his honor to help bring awareness to signs of suicide and hopefully prevent others form experiencing this loss. *** If you are experiencing

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Treating Breast Cancer Naturally w/ Emotional Intelligence Coach Tarley Deal

Posted by on November 19, 2019

Treating Breast Cancer Naturally with Emotional Intelligence Coach Tarley Deal Tarley Deal is an Emotional Intelligence coach who was diagnosed with 2 types of stage 2 breast cancer in 2017. She tested positive for the BRCA gene and was told she needed a double mastectomy as well as a full hysterectomy. She immediately knew that

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Naturopathic Medicine & Medical Cannabis w/ Dr. Carolyn Stone

Posted by on November 5, 2019

Naturopathic Medicine and Medical Cannabis with Dr. Carolyn Stone Dr. Carolyn Stone is a naturopathic physician who is passionate about helping people, especially those dealing with autoimmune diseases. She herself is living with Hashimoto’s Thryroiditis which is the same autoimmune disease I have. She has helped me better understand myself and how to live my

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Paying Off $52,000 of Debt in 7 Months & How You Can Do It Too w/ Chris Peach

Posted by on October 24, 2019

Paying Off $52,000 of Debt in 7 Months & How You Can Do It Too with Chris Peach Chris Peach and his wife Andrea went completely broke. They maxed out all their credit cards and were living paycheck to paycheck. After months of not knowing what to do, they set out a plan and in

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Massage Therapy and Self Care w/ Jezy McNutt

Posted by on October 14, 2019

Massage Therapy & Self Care with Jezy McNutt Jezy McNutt founded her company with a mission to spread mindfulness and conscious movement as a way of life. Her therapies range from massage, stretch therapy, hypnotherapy, to yoga and much more. Her practice has evolved over the years and continues to do so. She set out

Effective Ways to Relieve Insomnia Without Prescription Medication

Posted by on October 9, 2019

Photo via Unsplash Effective Ways to Relieve Insomnia Without Prescription Medication Guest article by Dylan Foster Insomnia is an extremely common problem among Americans, affecting around one in four adults every year. Prescription medication can provide temporary relief. However, sleeping pills do nothing to treat the underlying physical or mental problems that cause sleep disturbances

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Costa Rica Fitcation 2019 w/ Steve & Felecia Rozansky

Posted by on October 7, 2019

Costa Rica Fitcation 2019 with Steve and Felecia Rozansky It seems like a dream, but it really happened. We traveled to the beautiful country of Costa Rica and Steve and Felecia were my guests. Steve and Felecia talk about how this trip was for them. All they had to do was show up and everything

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Why You Should Live Your Passion

Posted by on July 17, 2019

Why You Should Live Your Passion What are you truly passionate about? There are 2 things in my life that I am really passionate about: obviously fitness, but also gardening. We lead really hectic lives, we are always busy, so how do we slow down? For me its is working in my garden. Getting your

Wearable Technology and Fitness

Posted by on July 9, 2019

Wearable Technology and Fitness Wearable technology has been around for quite a while, but the accuracy of it has been questionable. Pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc. are not new, but the new advances in them and other wearables are astounding. If you own an Apple watch, a Fitbit, or any other piece you have a

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Before, During, and After Weight Loss Surgery w/ Stacy Harris

Posted by on June 25, 2019

Before, During, and After Weight Loss Surgery with Stacy Harris The untold stories of weight loss surgery. What Stacy Harris had to go through before, during, and after undergoing Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass surgery is much more than she expected. Roux-en-Y accounts for almost half of all weight loss surgeries and is the most drastic of