4 Weightless Moves for Toned Arms

toned arms personal trainer training tempe autoimmune4 Weightless Moves for Toned Arms

We all hate the underarm flab! I know I do…. So I wanted to give you 4 weightless moves for toned arms that you can do at home or wherever you are, whenever you want. You don’t need be self conscious or hate your arms!

Be Proud to Wear That Sleeveless Shirt

I have heard it over and over, I hate my arms! Everybody has it, the bat wing jiggle arm! UGH! Why do we suffer from this awful fate? It seems like it is inevitable that this little area will get flabby and all we want to is to get rid of it. You try to hide it, never wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts because you are self conscious… well stop it! Don’t let your arms get the best of you, make the best of them.

Try these four exercises and get those toned arms you have always wanted.

Tricep Dips

Do 15 dips for 3 sets. Rest in between each set or move onto the next exercise.

Lateral Arm Pulses

Do 60 arm pulses again for 3 sets. You can rest in between each let or move onto the next exercise.

Air Punches

Do 60 air punches for 3 sets. Again, you can rest in between or move onto the next exercise.

Incline Push Ups

Do 10-15 Incline push ups for 3 sets. If you only did one set of each, start from the top and complete 3 rounds. If you finished 3 set of each, you are done!

You can do these exercises for toned arms every day. It will take only a about 5 minutes to complete.

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