4 Moves to Build a Strong Core

strong core personal trainer training tempe autoimmune4 Moves to Build a Strong Core

So you want to flatten the bulge, shred the abs, get that 6 pack and build a strong core? First things first, spot training in not a thing. If you are looking to achieve a flat belly you need proper nutrition and full body exercise. I know isn’t what you want to hear, it isn’t what I want to hear either! If I could eat a piece of broccoli and lose 10 pounds I would totally do it! But the reality is, sad but true, in order to achieve the flat tummy you have to work your whole body.

strong core personal trianer tempeHowever, Strengthening your core is much more than just for a six pack. It improves posture, relieves back pain, and even improves movement and breathing! Did you know that there are 4 types of abdominal muscles? So doing hundreds of crunches is really only one part of the puzzle.


You can still build a strong core that will ultimately lead you to the results you desire! I will show you 4 moves to build a strong core that are great to add into your already existing routine, or that are great for beginners to start a routine.

Not only are these exercises great for building strength in your abs, but they are not going to strain your neck. So lets get right to it!

Flutter Kicks

A great exercise to hit your lower abdominal muscles, these are a favorite of mine. If these hurt your lower back, support it by putting your hands under your behind. You can also lessen the angle and don’t lower your legs as far to the ground.

Lets do 20 flutter kicks!

Ab Rope Climbs

These are definitely not a difficult as actually climbing a rope!

Complete 20 ab rope climbs!

Oblique Crunches

We have 2 sets of obliques, our internal and our external. Working these muscles helps to contour your waist.

Let’s do 20 oblique crunches on each side!

Banded Bicycles

This is a little bit more of a difficult move to master, but once you have it down it really reaches all of your abdominal muscles!

Complete 20 banded bicycle crunches!

Now that you have completed each exercise, repeat them 2-3 more times! Your abs will thank me. 😉

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